Young Environmental Leaders Program

Summer Young Environmental Leaders Program

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MDI Biological Laboratory held its the third Summer Young Environmental Leaders Program for middle and high school students from August 4-8, 2013. The Summer Young Environmental Leaders Program is a day program, with typical hours being 9am-3pm.

To participate, middle school and high school students must first be nominated by a classroom teacher or community mentor. Priority is given to students from local schools who have been involved in the Seagrasses in Classes program at their schools or students who have volunteered at the Community Environmental Health Laboratory at MDIBL. There are two levels to the program, one for students involved in the program for the first time, and the other involves more advanced activities for students who have participated in the program in the past.

Watch the 2013 Summer YELP Video here!

2013 Program Readings


Spring Break Young Environmental Leaders Program

The April Break Young Environmental Leaders Program is for teachers and students from Bangor and Waterville schools who are interested in gaining marine research experiences and learning related skills that will help them become environmental leaders in their communities. Teacher-student teams from Bangor and Waterville middle schools and high schools participate together in the program.

2013 was the 4th year of the program, which usually runs for the full week of April break. However, this year’s program was abbreviated to one day due to funding issues. Middle school students from James F. Doughty School attended with teacher Tracey Vassiliev on April 19th. They did density studies on the sand bar in Bar Habor, sampled for phytoplankton and measured water quality at the Bar Harbor town pier, and back at the lab, they learned to test dissolved oxygen and salinity, observed their samples under the microscope and identified the phytoplankton and other organisms they saw.

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