Presenters at the 2013 Student Marine Science Symposium

Jessica Muhlin, Ph.D.

Dr. Jessica Muhlin, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology at the Corning School of Ocean Studies at Maine Maritime Academy, specializes in marine botany and researches reproductive ecology and populations genetics of rockweeds.

Raul Ugarte, Ph.D.

Dr. Raul Ugarte works on resource science at Acadian Seaplants Limited. Dr. Ugarte got his Ph.D. at University of Dalhousie. He has been working in seaweed research for 30 years, and has developed a yearly monitoring program for Ascophyllum in Acadian Seaplants leases. His work contributes to Acadian Seaplants’ internationally recognized resource management techniques. You can read more about Dr. Ugarte here.

Student Presentations

Tremont School 8th Grade: Studies of Phytoplankton found in the Marsh and Harbor of Bass Harbor.

James F. Doughty 8th Grade: Young Environmental Leaders Program and Invasive Crab Research at Moose Point State Park.

Waterville High School: The Effect of Low pH on Shells and the Effect of Shells on Low pH

Community Stakeholders

Raul Ugarte– Seaweed Biologist

Ruth Cserr– Landowner in Salisbury Cove, ME.

David Dunton– Fisherman in Bar Harbor, ME.

Andrea DeFrancesco– Seaweed Harvester at Ironbound Island Seaweed in Winter Harbor, ME.

Michael Good– Ornithologist at Downeast Nature Tours, Bar Harbor, ME

Caitlin McDonough Mackenzie– Climate Scientist: Graduate student studying Phenology and Climate Change at Boston University, and conducting field studies at Acadia National Park.

 Contributing research from:

Sarah Redmond–  Marine Extension Associate on the Maine Sea Grant Marine Extension Team, works at the Center for Cooperative Research on seaweed and shellfish aquaculture.  A native of Litchfield, Maine, Redmond received a bachelor’s degree in aquaculture from the University of Maine in 2003, and completed a master’s degree in marine botany at the University of Connecticut in December 2011. Her graduate research focused on potential climate change impacts on kelp.

Aimee Phillippi– Associate Professor of Biology, Unity College. PhD, Marine Biology, University of Maine; MS, Marine Biology, University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth); BA, Marine Biology, Troy State University. Aimee has been studying the sediment and infauna differences between harvested and unharvested sites.


Seaweed Pottery by Rocky Mann will be displayed during the poster session.


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