Materials and Funding


MDIBL will provide most of the materials you need: we will bring a tank, stand, eelgrass, mud or gravel, and sea water. We can provide refractometers for measuring salinity. If you need other materials for experiments, the MDIBL may be able to loan them out to you.

You can order a Lamotte Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit from Fisher Science Education for $34.45 here.

Dissecting Microscope

It is recommended that you purchase a Stemi DV4 dissecting microscope for your classroom, available from the Zeiss microscopy website for $1,645, or from B&H Photo (in New York) for $1,449.95.


You can apply for a John and Ellen Emery Science Grant to purchase the microscope (open to teachers in AOS#91 schools). Information and application materials can be found here.

From the Bow Seat is offering a $1,500 first prize, 1,000 second prize, and $500 third prize for high school students, plus $1,500 to the first prize winner’s school, for a project about plastics pollution in the ocean. Read about the contest here.

Another grant worth applying for is STEM4ME, which offers up to $5,000 for “equipment, supplies, and attending conferences” for two-year projects that “create real-world solutions to problems in areas such as renewable energy, ecology, automation, space science and sustainable food production integrating wherever possible the arts and humanities,” using “hands-on application of classroom knowledge in math, science, engineering, computer technology, the arts and humanities augmented by outreach to members of Maine’s scientific, engineering, creative and business community.”