Blog Help

If you would like to comment on a blog post, click the title of the post. This will open the Reply box below the post.

Please resize your images if you can, large images make the pages load and scroll slowly.

How to Post

1. Click on the “Log In/ Post to Blog” link in the dropdown menu under Blogs.

2. Contact Jordan Bailey (or your teacher) for a username and password. Enter your username and password and click Log In. This should bring you to the Add New Post page. If it does not, you can get there┬áby clicking Posts –> Add New from the menu on the left.

3. Enter a title your blog post in the text box on the page that comes up. If you’d like to add a picture, click the small music notes and camera icon just above the text box to open the window to upload a picture from your computer. Be sure to scroll down in this window and click “Insert Into Post”.

3. Click the checkboxes next to your school name and “All Students Blogs” in the Categories list on the right, (Teacher Interns: click the Teacher Interns checkbox as well as the checkbox next to your own name. )

4. Click Publish.

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