YELP 2013 Readings


Extraordinary Eelgrass

Background on Green Crabs

Info on Green Crabs at “Eat the Invaders” blog

Green Crab Shore Survey Data Sheet

Green Crab Shore Survey spreadsheet

Water Quality Data spreadsheet

Eelgrass Organisms Spreadsheet

Bay Planning Activity Homework Reading

Habitat Fact Sheet

Habitats and Threats of the Gulf of Maine

Stakeholder Viewpoints

Frenchman Bay Plan

Communicating Science Discussion



Links for Stakeholder groups:

Fishermen:  Meet your Fisherman lobstering then and now (american heartland news story about Swan’s Island – sustainable fishery) scallop divers


Aquaculturists:– Bagaduce Oysters

What every 3rd grader should know about mussels


Paper on carrying acapcity of aquaculture operations




Recreational Boaters:


Department of Marine Resources

DMR home page:

DMR Ecology Division:

Marine Patrol page:

Marine Patrol Officer job description:



Public Shoreline Access in Maine- A citizen’s guide to ocean and coastal law


Scientists/ Students:


Seaweed Harvesters:

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