Prep Readings for 2013 Symposium

Below are some readings to prepare you for the afternoon stakeholder meeting on seaweed management. Everyone should read the Rockweed Factsheet and or the Functions and Values of Rockweed, and if you’d like some background on the rockweed debate in maine,  read or listen to the links at the bottom of this list. The links with a star are required reading for everyone ( you may have already gotten the instructions for all students from your teacher), and you should read some of the documents for your stakeholder group (your teacher can tell you which one you are in).

Instructions for student leaders

Instructions for all students

All Stakeholders:

Rockweed Factsheet:  Info on ecology, economy, and management of rockweed. Developed by Maine SeaGrant, Maine Cooperative Extension, and Department of Marine Resources.


Functions_and_Values_of_Rockweed–  Department of Marine Resources publication, includes recommendations on seaweed management

Seaweed Harvesters:

Harvest Guide to Seaweeds in Maine from the Maine Seaweed Council

Kelp Aquaculture in Portland Article from Mainebiz

Impacts of Harvesting Report -2010


Public Shoreline Access in Maine- A citizen’s guide to ocean and coastal law


Abstract of an article about seabirds foraging among floating seaweed

Seaweed Biologists:

Seaweed structure, reproduction and uses for beginners 

The effects of seaweed harvesting on sediment structure and infauna populations – Aimee Phillippi report to the Maine State Legislature (advanced)

Effects of harvesting slideshow

— Invasive Species:

Membranipora Membranacea– Vital Signs Factsheet

South Portland students discover invasive seaweed on Cape Elizabeth shore  Forecaster Article

Climate Change (advanced):

A statement from Sarah Redmond, and a collection of studies on climate change and algae

Effects of Temperature Increase on Macroalgae– A report from Norway

Ocean Acidification Questions Answered: a guide



Background on the Rockweed debate in Maine:

MPBN: Maine Calling on March 21, 2013:  Discussion of the demand for and usage of seaweed and sea vegetables in Maine along with a reaction to the hearing for bill LD 585, concerning regulation of commercial rockweed harvesting on coastal Maine.

Cobscook Bay plan defended during debate on seaweed bill Bangor Daily News article on March 20th public hearing on LD 585.

Bill pulls sustainability, legality of seaweed harvesting into spotlight Bangor Daily News article on LD 585.



And here’s even more information for seaweed lovers!


Kelp Farming in Korea–  This is the youtube chanel of Sarah Redmond of  UMaine’s Center of Cooperative Aquaculture Research

Algae: The world’s most important plants  a presentation video by Russel Chapman of the Scripps Institute


Maine Seaweed Social: A page you can like if you want to sprinkle a little seaweed into your news feed!

Seaweed Industry Association Resources Page: from the international seaweed association.







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