Bobbing in the Bay -Aug 15, 2012

The last week of July I spent as teacher intern at CEHL.  I experienced life at the lab with Jane Disney, George Kidder, several interns as well as student volunteers.  What an experience!  From bobbing around in a wetsuit in Frenchman’s Bay at low tide to tying eelgrass onto frames, I was able to learn and enjoy science in action.

 What I especially liked was the applied science of data collection and fieldwork as well as the camaraderie of a group dedicated to understanding and helping an important ecosystem.    What I learned was something I knew but needed to be reminded of: inquiry and problem solving are integral to science and take many forms, from team discussions and planning to the maneuvering of equipment at a test site.

Harvesting Eelgrass at Hadley Point

The time spent with the eelgrass and water quality monitoring crews left me with many questions and thoughts about the how’s and why’s of incorporating more research-based activities in my classroom.  I will think back to the quick week I spent at Salisbury Cove and use it to create lesson plans and activities to come.  I encourage anyone who thought they might like to do this to “just do it” and take advantage of the excellent opportunity CEHL offers to teachers or students.  I am refreshed and energized.  It will be interesting to read what other interns observe and learn.  Have fun stringing frames!  Viva eelgrass!


Barb Toner