Eelgrass tank up and running!

Thanks to Jane for coming out in the rain to help us set up our tank last Friday, April 27.  Got our first set of data on Tuesday and thought we’d share it.

Date: 5/1/12

Weather Conditions: Rain and 46 degrees F

Tank Temperature: 8.9 degrees C

Salinity: 39 ppt

Dissolved Oxygen: 10.4 ppm

Kids have found some different organisms already.  One of particular interest is the green crab that snuck in.  We’ll monitor how he behaves in the tank for a while then get him out and release him.

Having trouble uploading pics from out set up day.  Getting an error message.

You know spring is here….

Hi everyone.  We have been setting up eelgrass tanks in schools over the last month, and have a few more to go!  This is going to be an exciting year, as many students seem to have experienced eelgrass in one way or another.  One student had experienced eelgrass getting stuck in the propeller of his boat.  Another told us how he catches cod when fishing in eelgrass off of Sorrento.  Still another reports having eelgrass come up with his lobster traps.  So already, there is some collective knowledge about both the threats to and benefits of eelgrass in our bays!  Hopefully this blog will help us communicate our observations, findings, and help each other troubleshoot any problems or challenges that arise!  Jane