Conners Emerson Questions

Conners Emerson 7th and 8th grade science classes had their introduction to eelgrass and tank setup on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. They came up with some great questions and ideas. We can’t wait to see their experiments!

7th Grade questions:

How large can eelgrass grow?

Does temperature affect the lifespan of individual eelgrass blades?

I mentioned that the eelgrass doesn’t usually spread vegetatively in the first year after it is transplanted. A student asked if it would if we made sure we transferred the entire rhizome.

Does eelgrass produce seeds once a year? Is there a trigger or conditions that can be maintained so it would produce more often?

How can we measure the amount of light reaching the plant? One student suggested installing a small waterproof solar panel in the tank. The amount of energy it stores would be able to tell us the amount of sunlight that has reached the plants.
(I forgot to mention that there are light meters that can be used to measure light intensity, but I am not sure if you can measure the cumulative light that reaches the plant over time with those.)

Does temperature affect growth?

Is there a limit to the number of organisms that can grow in the tank because of the amount of dissolved oxygen available?

Does eelgrass regulate the number of organisms?

Does eelgrass have any adaptations to defend itself against being eaten?

Does the slime layer help the eelgrass in any way?

Can eelgrass adapt to changing salinity?

8th Grade questions: 

Can eelgrass grow in fresh water? What is the range of salinity it can tolerate.

How many years can the eelgrass rhizome survive?

What would adding dye do to the plant?