Bubbles in The Soil

Our class has found that their are bubbles in the tank but they look like they are getting trapped in the algae that is growing along the bottom of the tank, and we were wondering if that was normal or not? We also thought that it might be apart of the carbon cycle with the bubbles or if they are part of the algae?

From 7th grade, B


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  1. Also, Dr. George Kidder told me that when the eelgrass is photosynthesizing, much of the oxygen produced is channeled down to its roots through a hollow space in the middle of the blades and stems. Some of the oxygen is released by the roots, oxygenating the mud, which is very important for the worms and other invertebrates living there. The roots also use the oxygen in the process of cellular respiration, giving off carbon dioxide. So if the bubbles are coming out of the mud and not the algae, it could be oxygen or carbon dioxide being given off by the roots!

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