August 13, 2013

(You will need to save this and then play it.)Aug 13, 2013-Lucas Crabbing

Today was a hurried day. Expecting bad weather we planned on doing work in the lab. This lab work included recording data and preparing for tomorrow. Jane had also requested that I help align some of their curricula with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Lucas, George, and I went out around 930 AM to do a crab census. It was pretty foggy out there so George had to pilot the boat using the GPS. George has been working here since the early 1970s and has excellent  seamanship. The results of the study were similar to yesterday; we had more males than females. Two exceptions to yesterday were that we had a Jonah crab and a female with eggs. Upon returning, Lucas recorded the data into a data base that is being maintained.

I worked the rest of the morning between several jobs. The first of these was Lucas and I getting boxes ready for a crab census we are planning on conducting tomorrow morning. Secondly, lLucas and I  prepared a box with the items needed for tomorrow  afternoons water test.

With the help of the Bailey’s we discussed the Next Generation Science Standards. Our discussion included where the standards came from and sources of them online. Jordan and I looked at ways pre-assesment strategies especially those created by Page Keeley.

During the afternoon Lucas showed me how the lab used several GPS programs with the crab data. One of the programs the lab uses is ArcGPS a program that Maine students will have on their iPads this coming year. How cool is that! Students in Maine will be  using the same programs used by professionals.

Post script on yesterdays water quality tests. When we were taking samples and processing them the reactions were not taking place the way they should. I mentioned to Jane that she was modeling some of the Next Generation Science Standards. After examining several scenarios it was determined that Jane had used a test kit whose chemical were beyond their shelf life


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